It’s 2021. Tesla stock has surged to new heights, GM just announced all their subsidiaries will only sell electric cars by 2035, and government continues to find ways to accelerate the full use of clean energy and cut carbon emissions. Zero emission vehicles will continue to become the norm of transportation.

When Tesla announced the Model 3 reveal in 2017 with a $35,000 price tag, that changed the game for electric vehicles. They created an appealing car at an affordable price for the middle class. But prices have gone up slightly, about $2,700 to be exact. These vehicles have improved…

Ethereum performance April 12- May 12 — taken by author
Ethereum performance April 12- May 12 — taken by author
Ethereum performance April 12- May 12 — taken by author

Cryptocurrency has been on a heavy surge early on in 2021 and has made numerous headlines with new record highs across the board. Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Shiba Inu, NFTs, Elongate, and Internet Computer Price have captured the audience of the public and people have gotten serious about investing in Cryptocurrency. Even more than we have seen back in 2017. Every waking day something changes with future prospects of which crypto will be the one to pick and it usually has something to do with rich billionaires. With these new and exciting all time highs there’s value in learning about…

Seahawks vs Cardinals — Taken by author

Bold take: The Seattle Seahawks are going 15–2 in 2022. Vegas gave us the easiest schedule out of any other team in the NFL. If we weren’t in the NFC West I would 100% agree but we are so 99%. Here’s a quick game breakdown of each game and why they will find a way to go 15–2. For background the defense has drastically improved since the lowest points of last season. By the end of the season they were performing at what we expected from them. Russell Wilson just got more weapons in the draft. A true WR3 that…

The Seahawks Should Have Ran It

Stefan Maass

Today marks 6 years ago that Super Bowl 49 was played in Arizona between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. A lot happened during the season. The Seahawks coming off a dominant Super Bowl win the year before managed to fight their way through the regular season and have a huge comeback win against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. The New England Patriots were status quo with Tom Brady playing his game with a solid run game and fantastic receivers. …

Michael West

You can find me at the docks. Tech/Environment/Sports/Maritime Pro

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